The automatization of industrial processes has ceased to be an option and has become a necessity for the improvement of the competitiveness of many companies. Thanks to technological advances, industrial automation is no longer limited to large industries, but has spread to  different sectors. This allows cost reductions and improves the return on these investments.

Areas of application

Industrial automatization is applied to improve productivity, quality and process safety. Its fields of application are manifold and cover practically all sectors like the textile, chemical, food, agricultural, and especially the automotive industry.


Implementation of automatizations

At Atik automotive we continuously work on the rationalisation of  production processes, automating repetitive, dangerous or low value tasks.

  • Production of connector tubes for EGRs and similar parts.
  • We work with high-capacity tubes, both straight and curved, and with additional operations such as reducing, flaring, punching, etc.
  • Stud welding of stamping parts.
  • Spot welding of stamping parts.

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