Atik Automotive manufactures cockpit components and instrument panels for all types of automotive vehicles. We manufacture in carbon steel and aluminium
The main part of the cockpit is the crossmember, a tubular part that has high elastic limits and complies with the different crash requirements of the vehicles. Stamped parts of different characteristics can be welded to it.

We manufacture them in both carbon steel and aluminium.

Carbon steel has a percentage of carbon which gives it mechanical properties such as increased hardness and strength or  decreased ductility, weldability and elongation.

Due to its low density, aluminium actively contributes to the reduction of vehicle weight, so that the vehicle requires less energy to move. The reduction in vehicle weight is driven by the need to reduce fuel consumption and to comply with governmental environmental directives.  

For the manufacture of the crossmember we use automated assembly lines in which different technologies are combined, such as forming or punching, calibration, welding or tube bending. 

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