The chassis is the skeleton of the vehicle. It absorbs its stresses and strains and supports important elements, such as the suspension, body or engine. It also supports the braking and steering systems and connects the engine and transmission system.

We specialise in the manufacture of stamping parts for the final assembly of the chassis and structural tubes, both for conventional and industrial vehicles.

Manufacture in different materials

We manufacture chassis components in:
  • Carbon steel: Provides excellent mechanical properties, such as increased hardness and strength or decreased ductility, weldability and elongation.  
  • High-strength steels: They Combine stiffness and lightness. They have a low yield strength, which allows them to have a good stamping capacity without running the risk of cracks in the structure.  
  • Aluminium: Thanks to its low density, aluminium actively contributes to reducing the weight of the vehicle, making it easier to move. The reduction in vehicle weight is due to the need to reduce fuel consumption and to comply with governmental environmental directives. 

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