Mechanical Joints



Mechanical joints are used to join several components. They transmit a high load from one to another while maintaining their relative position, thus limiting their movement and degree of freedom.

Areas of application

Mechanical joints are often used in the construction and industrial engineering sectors. The automotive sector is one of the sectors where we can find the largest number of mechanical joints.

The application of one joining method or another depends on the elements to be joined, the requirements to be met and the sector of application.

Types of mechanical joints

There are several types of mechanical joints depending on the system used and its characteristics. The first major classification is established depending on whether or not there is movement between the joined components, giving rise to mobile and rigid joints.

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At ATIK we make a wide variety of assemblies joined by means of different welding techniques.

  • Fixed joints by fusion welding with different materials, gases and techniques.
  • Fixed joints by resistance welding of nuts and bolts.
  • Fixed joints of metal, steel and aluminium components and rubber components by means of rivets.
  • Fixed joints of metallic steel components by means of combined joints, welding and riveting.
  • Fixed joints by interference bonding of metal components in steel.

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