Projects undertaken in the last few years


Development of an orbital welding process without filler wire material, and the corresponding equipment, between parts with very different diameters. Project funded by CDTI.


Study for the realisation of the electric car wheel motor cooling system.

Development of mechanical assembly of exhaust components. Project financed through the Álava Innova programme of the Diputación Foral de Álava.


Development of a new bending module for tubes whose ratio of bending radius in relation to tube diameter, Rc/D, is less than 1, without internal wrinkling, with a minimum percentage loss of thickness on the outside of the curve and capable of being easily integrated into an automated process.

Development of a mechanical joining process for Isofix sleeves to tubes, and their equipment, for the automotive sector, which is more competitive than the usual welding process. Project subsidised by CDTI.


Development of the necessary equipment to form tubular parts by means of hydroforming that is affordable for SMEs.  The project is subsidised by the Programme for the Promotion of Technical Research (PROFIT).